As we consider that air is one of the main factors that significantly affect our lives.

For the very reason, in our website, founded by Eric Adams, we would provide detailed information about air improving products, plus our suggestion about purchasing the items that suitable to customer’s need.

Our website gathers a group of experts, who are professional mechanics and refrigeration engineers. All of their time has been dedicated to the machine’s researching, fixing, maintaining, creating and they rich in experience since working in reality.

It is our pleasure to help customers search for the most suitable products that they desire. Your satisfaction with the info is our greatest reward.

The Air’s Condition in Global at the Present

In 2019, the World’s Health Organization informed that 91% of the global population breathe in polluted air. Furthermore, scientists had announced that air pollution does not appear just outdoor, indoor ambiance also face the same problem.

Air Problem in Hot and Cold Season

We all agree that the quality of air impacts on many aspects of our lives. Whether in hot or cold seasons, there are some typical air problems that we often encounter.

In rainy days, chilly days, air moisture raises more than the limit level, which will damage and decrease the machine, electrical equipment durability, cause food faster to be expired. What annoying is we can smell musty smell in our clothes and the house ambiance.

In hot seasons, the house is like warming up, percentage of water in the air decrease leads to the among of dust raised, machine overheats, hot air, dry skin. In conclusion, we recognize that low or high humidity are both the causes of respiratory diseases.

Air Problem’s Indirect Influence

As a fact, we cannot deny that air condition influences our feelings, status. It is true that fresh and clean air helps us relax our mind, our body so that everyday life can be happier, more accessible and work can be more efficient.

Top 5 Typical Products

Our team has spent a great deal of time researching the related information of the products. Also, with our experience of testing various kind machines, we would give the most appropriate advice for each customer category and demand.

Here are the 5 typical products that most customers purchased:


With the Dehumidifier, the moisture indoor will be removed from the air and be at its proper level (as your preference) to provides the clean airy. We can see there are many kinds of dehumidifiers in the market, but we can group into these styles: Heat Pump Dehumidifier, Dehumidifier Ventilator, Chemical Absorbent Dehumidifier.


The humidifier adds moisture to the air. Many people see that it is very similar to air condition, but humidifier creates natural moisture. The machine is often used when the weather is too dry and cold in the winter.

Depends on your requirement and budget that you buy a suitable humidifier. The Humidifier is available with some common types: Central, Evaporative, Steam Vaporizer, Impeller, and Ultrasonic.

Air Purifier

The air purifier is the must-buying items to anyone who raises pets, possess many kinds of stuff, people with allergy, respiratory diseases. Some types of air purifier that are appropriate to various cases: Air purifier with filter and without a filter.


The tower fan is no strange when it is preferred as a product with multiple functions, which are space-saving, stylish, efficient and cheap.

Space Heater

The space heater is ideals for rooms which out of reach of the central heater. Also, the space heater is one best option to save energy wasted and money.

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