The Best Things About NatureFresh Air Purifier Bags: Do They Work?

Forget about those chemical fresheners contain toxic elements that can harm you!

Here is where you can find an effective and natural way to remove odors in your home.

We will help you with the best idea to get rid of the strange smell in your room naturally. Stick around till the end and find out!

Most effective way to eliminate odor

Nowadays, many people avoid using chemical products in their homes, especially for freshening the air. Instead, some natural ways are considered to deal with odor in their room. As a matter of fact, charcoal is the most potential alternatives in eliminating odors.

The use of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a dark powder that is the result of bamboo burned at a high temperature.

For long, activated charcoal has been used as an effective natural absorber. Not only to fight against the smell, charcoal, with its amazing absorbent, also can filter water and be used for medical purposes.

Activated Charcoal

Compared with the common air fresheners, charcoal works differently. While air fresheners try to cover the nasty smell with stronger fragrances, charcoal absorbs the airborne molecule that causes the odor. Since then, the air molecules, which are the source of bad smell, will be trapped at the surface of the charcoal.

Absorption is a process that happens on the surface of the material. That means the wider surface the material has, the better effect it can bring. So, the larger surface of the charcoal, the greater amounts of smell it can absorb.

Besides, since linen is a material that allows ventilation and a large surface that exposure to the air, you should choose the air purifier that contains charcoal stored in linen bags.

NatureFresh Air Purifier Bags: Do they work?

The answer is yes. These NatureFresh Air Purifier Bags do work.

NatureFresh air purifier bags are packs of activated bamboo charcoal stored in linen bags. They are widely used as natural air purifiers for house, rooms, closet, shoe cabinet, or anywhere needs it.

With the properties of charcoal, NatureFresh bag can deal with moisture and bad smells. It will capture the moisture or odor molecules where the bag is placed. It can also purify the air by absorbing the unwanted substances floating in the atmosphere.

However, since the amount of charcoal and its surface is limited, it can only bring the effect in a specific area. That means you have to leave the bag near the source of odor for the best efficiency.

After a few weeks of use, depends on the concentration of odors and moisture you want the bag to absorb, you should leave the bag under the sun to dry  and restore the absorbent of the charcoal.

Wrap Up

With the highly-absorptive property, activated charcoal is widely used in air purifiers in daily life. Many people prefer charcoal to chemical fresheners as it is safer and less likely to cause allergy. Plus, it doesn’t create any fragrance in the room.

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