Best Air Purifiers for Pets in 2020

Best Air Purifiers for Pets 2020Adopting a pet is a fantastic pleasure. In many circumstances, we treat them almost like our children, and cannot imagine how our life would be without them.

However, your pets can also bring some problems in your daily life. For example, their dander, hair, or even odor may make your house look dirty and even smell.

Don’t worry! We have solutions for you. Let’s spend a few minutes reading this article to find out the best air purifier for pets you need right now!

Top-rated Air Purifiers for Pets 2020

This list is the result of our continuous research over thousands of products on the market. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you should take your priorities into consideration before making a decision!

Levoit LV-H132Levoit LV-H126RENPHO Air PurifierGENIANI Home Air PurifierGerm Guardian 3-in-1
Up to 86 sq.ftUp to 161 sq.ftUp to 301 sq.ftUp to 160 sq.ftUp to 153 sq.ft
8.5” x 8.5” x 14.5”10.5” x 6.8” x 7.9”14” x 8.1” x 20.9”14.5” x 10” x 9.8”8.9” x 5.4” x 22”
3-in-1 filtration system3 Stage Filtration System4 Stage Filtration System3 Stage Filtration System3 Speed

Here are the Best Air Purifiers for Pets:

1. LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier – Best Overall

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier for Pet

When you just need a small, but powerful air purifier, the Levoit LV-H132 will be our top recommendation. It is developed by Levoit – a trustworthy American brand which has been famous for producing high-quality air purifiers over the decades. Let’s take a look at why we consider this one as the best air purifier for pets!

Most purifiers from the Levoit can satisfy customers with its solid quality and design. However, for the model LV-H132, they have upgraded the quality to a whole new level.

With the cylinder-shaped design, you can notice the similarity between the front and back. The air exhalation is better thanks to an intake grill on the bottom as well as an outlet grill on top, which makes the process of treating pollutants and odors in the air much more efficient.

It is essential to consider the power of the air purifier by examining how many filters there are. The LV-H132 includes three basic filters: pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.

The pre-filter is responsible for neutralizing large objects, such as pet dander, hair, dust, or mold. The true HEPA filter is super effective at removing allergens, pollen, or bacteria. And the activated carbon filter can help you remove smokes and odors.

Surprisingly, despite numerous outstanding features, this model comes at a very budget-friendly price.

Though, after examining other models, we concluded that the LV-H132 is better if you use for small rooms. It only covers a humble area of about 86-87 square feet. Besides, its missing light notification is a disadvantage as it is difficult to know when to replace.

Overall, the Levoit LV-H132 is the best air purifier for pets in terms of quality and budget.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Slightly quiet operation
  • Great construction
  • Excellent performance


  • Missing light notification in case of filter replacement
  • Lack of automatic shut-off
  • Humble coverage

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2. LEVOIT LV-H126 – Best For Pet Hair

LEVOIT LV-H126 Air Purifier

Another product from the famous brand Levoit appears in the list of the best air purifiers for pet hair. It is a great investment for your budget considering the outstanding features.

The simple design of the Levoit LV-H126 is a big plus for customers. It is very small, which makes it fit in the table or desk so you can get direct airflow.

This model still has basic filters like other competitors, with pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Therefore, you can remove pet hair quickly with the support of different filters.

The only disadvantage of this model is the lack of additional features, which seem to be a trade for a reasonable price. Besides, the fan power is quite weak.

When pet hair is your biggest annoyance, go for the Levoit LV-H126 air purifier which provides powerful airflow at a reasonable price.


  • Affordable price
  • Minimal design
  • Simple use
  • Real true HEPA filter


  • No extra features
  • Weak power of the fan

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3. RENPHO RP-AP001 – Best For Pet Allergies and Asthma

RENPHO RP-AP001 Air Purifier

Allergies and asthma are among the most popular issues when you own a pet. But it should not be a concern anymore! With the RENPHO air purifier – one of the best air purifiers for pet allergies and asthma, you can handle this problem quickly.

Including 4 different stages of filtration, the purifier can eradicate up to 99.97 percent of pollutants in the air.

One of the highlights of this purifier is the Smart Auto Mode, which allows it to detect the air quality anytime. As a result, it will switch the colors and control the fan speeds to improve the air quality by removing pollutants at the moment.

Therefore, you are kept far away from pollutants, which are the main contributor to allergies and asthma.

If you desire to use it for bedroom, it is an excellent option as well thanks to the Sleep mode. All you need is to set the timer to switch off the purifier automatically when you sleep. It even has a child lock mode to prevent any accidental intervention of children or curious pets.

What are the disadvantages of RENPHO? We find its design quite bulky, so it may not fit in small rooms.

The RENPHO air purifier comes with many advanced features to eliminate most pollutants, which help you avoid pet allergies and asthma.


  • Suitable option for large rooms
  • Smart auto mode
  • 4 stages of filtration


  • Bulky design

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4. GENIANI G-2000 – Best for Pet Odor

GENIANI True HEPA Pet Air Purifier

This model will satisfy you more than your expectations. It is a great option to remove allergies thanks to the HEPA filter. This ARB-certified filter also plays an essential role in eliminating pet odor in the air, which explains why we rate it as the best air purifier for pet odors.

Moreover, you can see its ability to eradicate bacteria and germs by dint of carbon air filter. Therefore, you can stay away from respiratory issues related to pet odors.

There are 3 different levels for you to adjust the light, for example, keep a dim nightlight when you are sleeping.

Typically, it is a suitable option for a large space as it can support areas of up to 160 square feet. Plus, quiet operation is another advantage you can benefit from.

What can be wrong with this air purifier? The complaint here is about its lack of manual operation, which can be annoying in some cases.

With powerful airflow of the HEPA filter, the GENIANI air purifier is super effective at removing pet odor. In addition, it works for large space, up to 160 square feet.


  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful airflow
  • Warranty of 2 years


  • No user manual

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5. Germ Guardian 3-in-1 Pet HEPA – Best for Pet Dander

Germ Guardian AC4300BPTCA HEPA Air Purifier

If you find pet dander annoying, the Germ Guardian 3-in-1 air purifier is the best option for you. It goes with the true HEPA system, which is able to remove 99.97 percent of the most popular allergens, such as pet dander or pollen.

Besides, the HEPA can be more than an air filter, which helps to eliminate germs, in addition to the charcoal filter to remove the smell. As a result, you can stay away from all irritations related to your pets.

There is an antimicrobial agent, known as the Pet pure, available in the filter to prevent the development of mold or bacteria, which are responsible for pet odor.

Despite its lightweight, this purifier is suitable for either medium or large rooms.

Nevertheless, we found the plastic smell of this air purifier at the beginning quite annoying. It is also challenging for users to use the purifier when the light is off.

With superb air filtration, the Germ Guardian air purifier is the best option to help you remove pet dander. It is also an appropriate option for medium and big rooms.


  • Best product for Pet dander
  • Great option for medium and big rooms
  • Air filtration to kill germs


  • Plastic smell
  • Difficult use in the dark

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Why Do You Need The Best Air Purifier for Pets?

Many people claim that they do not need an air purifier because they have never experienced any allergic reactions. However,  bear in mind that pet dander is mainly responsible for respiratory disorders in the long run.

Your children are not immune to these problems, and no matter how often you clean the house, pet dander, hair or fur particles are still there without your recognition. Therefore, buying an air purifier is recommended if you own a pet at home.

An air purifier for pets brings these following benefits.

Remove Pollutants

Most air purifiers on the market use efficient home technology to eliminate all kinds of pollutants in the indoor air, such as pet hair or dander. They are capable of removing even the smallest pollutants and dust particles to enhance the air quality of your room.

In addition to removing pet hair and dander, the purifiers also protect you from dust mites, mold spores, or some indoor pollutants like smoke. If you or someone in your family suffer from respiratory problems like asthma, air purifiers will come in handy.

Eliminate Odor

Even though you bathe your pets regularly,  their odor still exists inside your house. Some of you can live with it, but many struggles with the smells.

Air purifiers usually have the Activated carbon filter which enables you to deal with the smell quickly. Carbon filters work as sponges which have tiny pores to capture terrible odor, and giving your home fresh smell immediately.

Reduce Cleaning Work

One of the greatest benefits of having an air purifier which many people fail to understand is that you do not need to clean your home too often. Air purifiers work well to remove dust particles as well.

Why Do You Need The Air Purifier for Pets

Find the best air purifier for your pets

What to Look For in the Best Air Purifier for Pets

So, with all the above advantages of air purifiers, are you excited to get one immediately? Don’t rush! Let’s dig deeper into top factors you should consider when it comes to choosing the best air purifier for pets.

1. Filter Types

If your problems are related to pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, or smoke, you should look for a true HEPA filter in an air purifier. Meanwhile, when there is something to do with airborne pollutants, like bacteria or viruses, the suggestion is to choose the UV-C light technology and ionizers.

2. Fan Speeds

Besides filters, the fan is another essential factor that affects the performance of your air purifier. You should look for an adjustable fan to match the filtration level with the current air quality.

3. Purification Levels

Manufacturers usually show the number of purification levels and you can find this information in the description. Normally, the number varies from 3 to 5. You should check the specific number before making a purchase.

In many cases, when the manufacturers mention three cleaning levels, it can mean that a UV-C technology is available in addition to two filters.

4. Noise Level

Whether you choose an air purifier for the bedroom or not, the noise level is always an important factor to consider. Nobody wants to suffer from too much noise for long, of course.

Our advice is to choose a device which has a quiet operation from 30 to 50 decibels.

5. Coverage

The coverage area of the air purifier has a significant effect, and it is different from household to household. Therefore, you should set up your demands first, for example, to find something for your bedroom or living room. Then, check the specifications which show you the maximum coverage area.

If you fail to choose the right coverage, you are likely to waste too much money on a purifier that cannot fulfil its tasks.

6. Warranty

No matter how much the manufacturer boasts about its quality, you should always prepare for the breakdown of your device. As a result, a warranty is an important factor to consider, so you can save much money on replacement or service.

7. Additional Features

Finally, it is worth taking some time to see extra features in each product. Do you have multiple fan speeds with the air purifier? Or is it possible to switch off automatically? The remote controller is another excellent feature you want to have.


Have you made your option of the best pet air purifier after reading our reviews? Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should go for the one which fits your priorities. Comment your ideas below and do not forget to share the article if you like it!

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