10 Best Fans (Reviewed 2020)

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Best Fans 2020If the scorching heat annoys you so much? If you feel the air in your space is like stopping or stirring really slow? Then, you must have come up intending to purchase a new fan.

But did you know it appears a lot of types of fan on the market? As a result, the rapid development of technology has also upgraded the electrical devices.

Just a simple click; you can find tons of fan from many sources. Many of them are best in both performing and appearance.

So, to buyers who don’t like to change, sticking with the same old model, then it might be a huge disadvantage for you.

If you want to adopt a new fan but confusing which one is best for you, then here we are for the determine decision.

After quite a time of working, finally, we bring you the 10 best fans of all kinds. Now, go for the detail, shall we?

Comparison Chart

NameType of FanSpeedTimer (hour)Size (H x W x D inches)Remote controlWarranty
Lasko T42951Tower Fan30.5 - 7.513x13x42Yes1Yes
Dyson TP02Tower Fan100.4 - 97.7 x 4.3 x 40.1Yes2Yes
Honeywell HYF 290BTower Fan81 - 810 x 8 x 32Yes1Yes
Vornado 783Pedestal Fan3No41.1 x 16.8 x 17.8No5Tilt head
Lasko 1843Pedestal Fan31 - 420.5 x 20.5 x 53.5Yes1Oscillate and tilt-back head
Honeywell HT-900Table Fan3No10.9 x 6.3 x 10.9No190-degree pivoting head
Honeywell HT-908Table Fan3No14.4 x 8.1 x 15.2No190-degree pivoting head
Lasko Stanley 655650Floor/ Wall Fan3No7 x 22 x 22Yes1Tilt head
Vornado 293Floor Fan3No17.5 x 16.2 x 15.3No5Tilt head
Portage Bay 50251Ceiling Fan3No52 inches of operationNoLifetimeNo

Top 10 Best Fans to Cool the Rooms 2020

If the board above helped you with the overall view, the article below would show you the detail information of each unit. In order to be more accessible to the info, we arrange the product in particular categories.

Tower Fans

Tower fan is the most preferred product in the fan machine market nowadays. Though they are not the most potent fan but with super useful amenities, let alone the chic, fashionable design, tower fan beats all the criteria.

1. Lasko T42951 – The Champion

Lasko T42951

Lasko T42951Check On Amazon

Lasko – a brand with over 100 years of foundation has done a great job of gaining buyers’ trust. They had produced many excellent items that receive many positive comments.

First of all, this unit has received numerous positive feedbacks, comments from thousands of buyers from the USA, and worldwide. To win the first price, this Lasko guy has many strong points that make it worthy.

This Lasko guy is made to beat the heat. The fan has three-speed settings, which are H/M/L (high/ medium/ low). Each level of fan’s speed delivers a different potent level of breeze.

At the highest speed mode, standing away from the fan 9 feet, you can still feel the gentle airflow.

Combine with the oscillating function; the breeze can reach to different angles in the rooms. Anytime you like, you can put the oscillating button on the remote control or the displaying screen on the fan, and be satisfied with the chill airflow.

With the oscillation feature, the fan can rotate on its pedestal about 70 degrees.

What’s more? This model is like a thief; it is good at keeping the noise low, even at its highest speed level.

Paring with night-mode function, this guy can automatically dim the light of the screen and lower the speed level as it gets later in the night.

Well, the quietness advantage has made it right when saying: the fan lull you into a long deep sleep.

Not just good at performing but also scores in the appearance. The fan is designed to look modern and be a high-fashion decoration in the room.

It has 2 colors available, which is pure gray and wood color. The wood version has a beautiful wood drain surround the air escaping vents.

Not stopping there, tower fan is made with exceptional height, which is 42 feet. With such height and a potent column of breeze, the fan is ideal for high bed, and sofa.

This guy is portable and convenient with a built-in handle. Plus, a blue plug safety charge and long cord are ideal features to place the fan at any position in the room.

Of course, you can always put it in any room that you want, but with the characteristics above, the fan is best for places that need silence and pleasure. Locate the unit in the bedroom, baby’s bedroom, offices, reading room are the most suitable.

Despite all the advantages, the fan still has some drawbacks. Its biggest weakness is the cleaning process.

Why? Since you have to disassemble the parts and then assemble them back to the way they were, it will consume your time. Not saying that wrong installation steps can cause damage.

What we like

  • Modern design
  • Prevailing breeze with 3 air-blowing stages
  • Work smoothly and quietly
  • Safe Blue Plug
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Night mode

What we dislike

  • Quite difficult to clean

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2. Dyson TP02 – Best Multi-functional Fan

Dyson TP02

Dyson TP02Check On Amazon

Not just a fan, this item of Dyson is beyond that. If you are searching for an air cooler and protector, then this Dyson is the one for you.

Dyson tower fans always come with fantastic designs. Created with the Multiplier technology, the fan silently propels super powerful breeze.

What caught our eyes is a hollow ring on the top. Though there is no blade visible to your visual but from the fan ring, it comes out a powerful breeze.

Not merely a fan but also an air protector. This monster of Dyson is paired with air-purifier function, which can be able to clear 99.97% allergens and pollutants as micro as 0.3 microns. The substances such as pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, bacteria, stinky smell, in your home are all wiped out by this Dyson guy.

This cool item is more controllable via the phone app. As long as you can use the wifi, you can command the fan from a far distance, especially when you want your room to be already cool before you enter.

10-speed settings! How versatile is that! At the highest speed, the fan is strong enough to stir the air in a medium-size room. The breeze is much stronger than the regular fan and one score point for this guy, it creates almost zero sound.

While operating, its sound level is only at 63 dB, which made it one of the quietest fans in the tower fan industry.

When adopting the machine, you will also receive a remote control. Though there are adjusting buttons on the top of the fan, the remote control is like a magic box that grants wishes. Lying lazily on the soft coach, you don’t have to sit up to adjust the fan, as long as you have the remote control in your hand.

Also, this remote control is magnetic, which is super handy. When you don’t use the fan, lay the remote on top of it – the magnetic part. And when you want to use it again, you know where the remote is.

Due to the incredibly helpful functions and features, this Dyson can be placed in any room in the house. As being slim and light, the device is easy to move from room to room.

So, did this guy much impress you? Though it is a bit overpriced but worth-paying. You will know when you experience this fantastic device.

What we like

  • 10-speed settings
  • Oscillating function and powerful airflow
  • Also is an adequate air purifier
  • Make almost zero noise
  • Chic model and decoration
  • Controllable via phone app
  • 100% safe from the reach of children
  • Straightforward cleaning step

What we dislike

  • Too high cost

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3. Honeywell HYF 290B – Best Tower Fan with Multifunction

Honeywell HYF290B

Honeywell HYF290BCheck On Amazon

We call that Honeywell products are for everybody. Not just for the cannot-be-cheaper price tag but also for the useful multifunction you can experience.

The slim product is a real space saver. This Honeywell looks like a stick that can fit in any corner, and dimension of your room.

8-speed settings bring you various choices of creating your breeze. They also made it with an oscillating function, which can open an 80-degree angle. With versatile fan speeds and a wide-angle of oscillating, the fan can cover the enjoyable breeze to most of your room space.

Quiet Set Technology is this Honeywell’s significant strong point. While working, the sound that the fan makes is not a concern at all.

Where suitable to use the fan? The fan is not so selective, so you don’t need to bother the placement. With the strong points, the fan fits with bedroom, office, and reading room.

What are the amenities? Well, come with the product are the remote control, timer from 1 to 8 hours, dimming feature, and touch electronic control button.

See! this unit is so versatile.

What we like

  • 8-speed settings and oscillating function
  • Timer from 1,2,4 and 8 hours
  • Dimming feature when sleeping
  • Quiet Set Technology
  • Light and slim

What we dislike

  • Disturbing light at night
  • Quite hard to clean the fan
  • Not create a powerful breeze

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Pedestal Fans

Want a fan with a high-velocity breeze, then what you want is a pedestal fan. Pedestal fan is recognizable via the wide blades that are laid inside the mount. It is designed to provide a powerful breeze.

If you intend to adopt a strong-airflow fan and also armed with convenient amenities, then check these fans out:

4. Vornado 783 – Best Air Circulating Fan

Vornado CR1-0076-06

Vornado CR1-0076-06Check On Amazon

At the first glimpse, this Vornado looks so cool that it makes people want to buy. From top to bottom, from the wood to paint, the device breaks many fan’s standards.

This fan is a pedestal fan, a fantastic pedestal fan. The chic design makes the fan a friend of luxurious rooms, high-fashion houses. Painted with full black – the color turns everything attractive, the fan’s appearance is just perfect.

Vornado products are highlighted with 360-degree air circulation. This Vornado 783 is not an exception. By creating an incredibly powerful airflow, paired with an individually designed vent, the machine is able to mess the air to the corners of a large room.

Furthermore, this hot buddy can deliver the air up to 100 feet, an impressive distance that not many fans are able to do. Under the air circulating feature, the fan is no need for oscillating function.

The stand is adjustable; you can lift it up or low it down between the height from 28 to 40 inches. In addition, the tilt head allows you to change the air directions up or down to provide comfort breeze.

Three-speed settings are distinguishing with each other. One worth-noticing strong point of this fan is the velocity of air at the lowest speed. Even in this stage, the fan can still deliver strong airflow.

With robust airflow, the fan is perfect for rooms with exceptional size or rooms that need a lot of air movements, such as the living room, garage, kitchen, and outdoor.

The stiff breeze is pleasant, but it cannot keep the noise shut. This guy creates a pretty loud engine noise that can disturb an anti-noise person. Well, everything has its opposite side.

What we like

  • Whole room vortex circulation
  • Multidirectional breeze
  • Easy to disassemble to clean
  • Super powerful airflow
  • Stunning design
  • 3 powerful speed levels
  • A 5-year warranty

What we dislike

  • No remote control
  • Make a pretty loud noise

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5. Lasko 1843 – Best Fan for All Rooms

Lasko 1843

Lasko 1843Check On Amazon

A product from Lasko, this item – Lasko 1843 has useful functions to win your requirement. Let’s see what they are.

Three efficient fan speeds go with adjustable height, and tilt-back head can deliver the breeze as you want, in the direction that you desire.

Oscillating function boosts more energy to the breeze. The angle the fan can cover is wide, about 90 degrees, so it is suitable for the room that your family usually gathers, like the kitchen, living room.

Indeed, Lasko devices are super in many aspects. This buddy is also a quite unit, even when it is operating at its highest speed. So, with this Lasko, the sound is no disturbance to you, especially when you are concentrating on your work.

When purchasing the fan, the extra amenities you will get are the wireless remote control, a carry handle, and timers that automatically turn off the fan from 1 to 4 hours.

What we like

– An eye-catching design

– Safe blue plug charge

– Powerful airflow and quiet working engine

– Remote control and timer

– Adjustable height and tilt-back head

What we dislike

– The mount’s gap is quite big

– Slippery base when placing on shiny floor

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Table Fans

Being mini and handy, table fan is a personal breeze deliverer. In case you do not want too much airflow while working or studying, and especially when the too-strong breeze messes up your document on the table, what can be more appropriate than a table fan.

6. Honeywell HT-900 – Best Table Fan

Honeywell HT-900

Honeywell HT-900Check On Amazon

This unit is small in size but significant in usage. A table fan does not efficiently send as stiff breeze as the regular size pedestal fan, or the tower fan, etc. but their strong point shows in another aspect.

Black color and lovely design would gain good points at first look. This unit is created with 3-speed settings and 90 degrees pivoting head, which helps the air to reach diverse angles.

From 25 feet away, you can still feel the light air-blowing continuously grazes your skin. And off course, the breeze near the fan is more energetic.

Table fans are made to be portable. This Honeywell is a small unit, so it is easy to accompany with you anywhere in the house.

It would do a great job of cooling the temperature around you when you are working or enjoying the television shows. But it is not enough to cool a group of people. So, the fan is yours, only serves for your comfort.

Do you know that this air circulator can save 20% of electricity, comparing to other ordinary fans? Saving is a should-do action, and with this guy, you can somewhat save for the environment. We have to save for life, guys!

What we like

  • 3-speed settings with 90 degrees head pivoted
  • Easy to move
  • Simple to clean
  • Electricity saving
  • Make a small noise

What we dislike

  • No remote control
  • No useful functions like timer, sleep mode.

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7. Honeywell HT-908 – Best High-Velocity Table Fan

Honeywell HT-908

Honeywell HT-908Check On Amazon

This is an upgraded version of the HT-900, hence everything you can experience with the old model, you can also find those at this unit, but better.

From 30 feet away from the fan cutting rotating blades, you can still feel the wind. Shorten the distance to 20 more feet, how does that feel? It feels like natural winds from spring.

Compared to a regular fan, this unit creates a 30% less noisy than most of the fans from all types. In fact, the noise almost disappears from your ears, or you can hardly notice it when enjoying a movie or busy with your work.

The 90-degree pivoting head creates a multi-direction of airflow. Plus, three powerful fan speeds effectively send the cool breeze to a small-size room.

You don’t need to be tired when thinking about the cleaning steps. The vent is easy to disassemble and clean. After separating the parts, wash them and let them dry, then it only takes a couple of minutes to assemble them back.

Due to the super portable feature and built-in handle, the fan is suitable for any place. Notably, this guy is useful for an outdoor barbecue.

What we like

  • 3-speed settings with 90 degrees had pivoted
  • Super portable
  • Cleaning steps are easy to make
  • Electricity saving
  • Make relatively small noise
  • Prevailing breeze.

What we dislike

  • No remote control
  • No useful functions like timer, sleep mode

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Floor Fans

Floor fan is powerful, energetic, and compelling. If pedestal fan is a beast of sending air to the middle altitude, then floor fan is a sending-breeze monster on the floor. To families who are usually sitting on the floor to enjoy the thrilling movies, don’t begrudges money for the fan, for your family’s relaxation.

8. Lasko Stanley 655650 – Best Floor and Wall Fan

Lasko 655650

Lasko 655650Check On Amazon

Buy one thing; you own one thing. Buy a Lasko 655650; you have a two-in-one product. Come and bring it home.

This Lasko is one convenient design for buyers who expect for extra usage. If it is too hot on the floor and you want the instant, near airflow, then the powerful fan is now your floor fan.

If the weather is cool but not enough to cool your room, then a spread and gentle breeze from above will adjust your whole room temperature. The fan now turns into a wall fan.

How convenient! Moreover, this guy is a super-powerful unit. Three influential speed modes from weak to strong can be used in a particular desire. Within 30 feet, the fan performs great in cooling the room and cooling you.

The metal case can protect well the blades inside. Make it longer and harder for the blades to break.

With excellent design and pulsating airflow, the fan is appropriate for dusty atmosphere, large and noisy rooms, like the garage, attic, living room, kitchen, and outdoor space.

What we like

  • 3 powerful speed settings and pivoting head
  • Easy to convert to wall fan or floor fan
  • Air circulating feature

What we dislike

  • It does make noise
  • It is not safe to curious fingers
  • Can blow away paper or light stuff nearby

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9. Vornado 293 – Best High-Velocity Floor Fan

Vornado 293

Vornado 293Check On Amazon

This floor fan is like a bee who works hard and enthusiastically to create sweet honey. With the excellent performance, this unit can satisfy you with its abilities.

Be painted with yellow and light grey color; the fan looks so attractive and easy to blends in either a colorful teenager’s room or a bright, cozy room.

The fan has many levels of speed, combined with Vortex Technology; it sufficiently propels a high-velocity breeze around the room. This fan is so energetic that its airflow can reach a distance of 100 feet.

The tilt-head feature allows you to adjust the airflow up and down, so even when you are lying on the high soft sofa, you can still enjoy the fresh chill airflow from the floor fan.

With the supportive carrying handle on the top of the fan, it is portable and convenient to move the fan to different places. With all of these features, this bee is ideal for the living room, garage, attic, kitchen.

What we like

  • 10-feet-long power cord
  • Pulsating breeze with 3 different breeze levels
  • Carrying handle
  • Lovely model

What we dislike

  • It engines work pretty loud
  • No remote control
  • Plain amenities, nothing else but fan speed

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Ceiling Fans

Talking about which type of fan that has existed the longest, it must be the old soldier – Ceiling fan. Ceiling fan is not a potent breeze deliverer, but it does a great job of making your room look way more attractive. And here, we have this guy to consider.

10. Portage Bay 50251 – Best Fan for Large Room

Portage Bay 50251

Portage Bay 50251Check On Amazon

Being one of the oldest types of fan that have existed up to the present, ceiling fan nowadays is much different than before. Let’s check how innovative this buddy has become.

This matte back device is a spotlight on the ceiling. Be designed with a fashionable look and owns the gorgeous integrated light; the fan blends right in any style of the room and valuable fancy decors.

This unit is made with three fan speed levels, which are low, medium, and high. Depend on how low or high is the temperature; you should adjust the speed suitably.

It is said that the ceiling fan cannot deliver at all a powerful breeze. Instead, it slightly stirs the air gently in the room. Well, that is not quite precisely for this product.

Besides being a chic decoration, the fan can handle the job of cooling an ample space in your room. With 5 blades that open a 52-inch width, this ceiling fan gently delivers cool breeze to both you and the room.

The fan rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise. When circulating clockwise, the air is propelled downward, and vice versa, circulating anti-clockwise would bring the air upward.

What to do with the reversible function? This function is beneficial in winter. When switching to anti-clockwise mode, the cold air would go upward and then recirculate. In this way, the air will be warmer, and the temperature of the room can increase.

What we like

  • Being stylish
  • Reversible motor
  • 5 blades that spread 52-inches wide
  • Doesn’t take up space
  • A ceiling fan with light

What we dislike

  • Controlled by a pull chain, no remote control
  • Can be hard to set up lights on the ceiling
  • Placement is in large rooms with high ceiling

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Best Fan Brands

Brand is a crucial factor when deciding to buy a product. Notably, to electrical devices, brand should be the one you care about the most.

In this review, we chose the reliable brands like Lasko, Vornado, Dyson, and Honeywell, which are the big brands with a long-time foundation.



Lasko is a brand that gains the trust of customers. With over a hundred years of foundation, Lasko has become not only one of the oldest brands to produce fan machine on earth but also one of the best suppliers.

Lasko’s strong point is the product’s warranty. People who used a fan from this brand are really pleased with the quality and the longevity of it. A fan from Lasko can last over 10 years and can still work well. This is the reason why this supplier has many old customers who trust to buy another product.

Up to this present, Lasko is a producer for many kinds of fan machine: Tower Fan, Pedestal Fan, Table Fan, Window Fan, Box Fan, Wall-Mount Fan, Table Fan, and Outdoor Fan.


Honeywell Brand

Honeywell is a fierce competitor on the market. Having been existed for over 100 years, Honeywell has a steady foundation and is a reliable brand.

Products from Honeywell are flexible, versatile, and especially, they come with a super affordable price tag.

To meet the user’s requirements, fans from Honeywell also have various ranges: Tabletop Fan, Tower Fan, Pedestal Fan, and Floor Fan.

Also, they created the products in different cooling types: Comfort Weaver, Quiet Set, Turbo Force, and Comfort Control.


Vornado is also one worth-trusty manufacturer. Vornado items are proud to have distinctive features comparing to the other competitors.

Products from Vornado’s are designed specially at the fan’s vent, which can deliver the breeze effectively to a wide-angle or circulate the air without oscillating function.

Vornado supplies mainly home air machines. Regarding the fan machine, they have these types available: Tower Fan, Table Fan, Pedestal Fan, Floor Fan.

Other Brands

These manufacturers provide many types of fan but ceiling fan. Besides the listed brands, these rising stars are also good brands to lay your trust: Dyson, Holmes, Pelonis, Rowenta, Seville.

Want choices for the Ceiling Fan? You can look for these ceiling fan’s suppliers, who are in the top rate: Minka-Aire, Casablanca, Hunter, Emerson.

How to Choose a Fan

In order not to waste electricity and money, before purchasing a fan, you need to determine why and where to use the fan. Electric fans are designed in various types, each type is suitable for a different purpose, and placement.

In particular, in these kinds of room, we should apply the fan:

Tower Fan

Tower Fan

In general, tower fan’s air capacity is not so strong. The breeze comes out from it is gentle and mellow, but it was made exceptionally tall and with many controlling options.

So, you can apply the tower fan to a medium-size room that is from 110 – 140 square feet. Notably, tower fan is the number one option to use in babies’ rooms, the elderly’s room, and for people with an illness.

If you are looking for a nice-looking fan to match with your gorgeous, chic rooms, what can be a better choice than a tower fan?

To tower fans with high velocity, you can place them in more substantial space, which is from 220 – 260 square feet.

Tower fan is the type that i equipped with the most functions. These are some notices and amenities about the item you should consider.


Cleaning the tower fan is a little complicated since you have to disassemble the case. Though the process will not take so much time, it does need a bit of carefulness.

To let the machine works efficiently as well as to last the longevity of the fan, you should clean it every 3 to 4 months.

Air-blowing Capacity

It is said that most tower fans deliver gentle airflow. Well, they do, but not all of them. In the market, it is easy to search for a tower fan with high velocity, which can cool you well within 10 feet and cool the rooms quickly.


Noise is one of the tower fan’s highlighted good points. Tower fan with blades hidden inside has decreased the noise tremendously.

Especially, bladeless tower fan is the star of the quiet tower fans. It only made sounds at about 61 dB, which rate is barely invisible to the ears, and at its highest breeze level, the noise is not a concern.

Of course, most tower fans that provide strong airflow will make a louder noise, but if you are not allergic to noise, then it is still manageable.

Oscillating Function

Most of the tower fans are prepared with oscillating function. It moves its whole body on the pedestal to deliver a straight column of breeze to a wider angle.


Tower fan score points when it comes with many useful functions.

– LCD screen display: displays all the functions on the screen. With an LCD screen, it is no need to read the menu to know how to use the item.

– Remote control: it has the functions of the fan on and be convenient to control from a distance in the room.

– Pre-programmed features: with this function, you can reorder the fan settings and create the shortcut of functions you prefer.

– Safety Blue Plug: in order not to let the machine gets too hot, many manufacturers prepared for the devices the safety blue plug. With this, you and the machine can both be safe.

– Timer:

  • Turn on timer: allows you to set the time turning on the machine. It is helpful to cool the room before you enter it.
  • Turn off timer: If at night it gets too cold, or when you do not want to waste electricity and to wake up in the middle of the night is so annoying, this function becomes so useful.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fan

With blades spread up to 15 – 19 inches wide, capable of rotating up to 90 degrees, and being made with a multi-direction rotation, pedestal fan is suitable for large spaces of about 220 – 340 square feet.

Pedestal fan is made to fight against the dust space; hence, you can use it in rooms such as living room, dining room, office, big bedroom, garage.

Except for the place to locate, pedestal fan and wall fan are basically in common. These fans are favored when having these notable features:

Air-blowing Capacity

Pedestal fan and wall fan’s wings are large; hence, the breeze released out is powerful enough to cool a group of people in a medium-size room.

Fan’s Settings

Except for expensive pedestal fans, most stand fans are armed with 3 settings and turn on/ off buttons. These types of fan primary duty are to create strong airflow to cool an ample space rather than offering you useful functions like the tower fan.


In general, the noise from the fan’s motor of these kinds is not too loud, but if you require a silent space, it is hard to happen with these fans. All makes sense since the more powerful is the fan, the more noise it makes.

But there are also exceptions; you can find these pedestal fan really quiet.

Wall Fan

Wall Mounted Fan

Wall fan is an ideal space-saving solution because it takes no floor space and is very safe for children. The fan sends air from above so its capacity will decrease compared to the fans on the floor, but it does a better job in covering a wider angle.

For this reason, the fan is best for medium-size rooms of about 110 – 140 square feet. It is suitable for bedrooms, classes, restaurants, workshops, and places that need space.

Table Fan

Table Fan

Table fans are instead to cool you rather than cool the space. There are made like the pedestal fan but different in height and velocity.

And this fan is appropriate when you need a light, and fresh breeze reaches the place you sit. Table fan is supposed to be laid on the table, desk, dining table; it is not efficient if you use it to cool the room space.

Air-blowing Capacity

The table fan cools the space around you, not the whole room. So, it will deliver a moderate breeze velocity, enough to keep you cool, not to make you cold.

This fan is appropriate when you are in the place the regular-size fan’s flow cannot reach, or the place you need a personal breeze.

Oscillating Function

The table fan is prepared with oscillating function, or it will have a tilted head to adjust the wind’s direction.


Since it is laid on the table, the producers really care about the sound it makes. They take good care of the noise, so the fan is like whisper-quiet when you are busying with your documents.

Floor Fan

Floor Fan

Most floor fans are only capable of moving up and down, but its capacity is impressive. With wide blades, big size, and a stiff breeze, the small floor fan is suitable for rooms from 160 – 240 square feet.

Floor Fan with a bigger size can be applied in large rooms from 240 – 340 square feet. The fan is excellent to cover space within 3.2 feet (count from the floor surface). So, it is perfect for any room that needs breeze in low height, like when you are sitting on the floor enjoying the TV shows.

Floor fan is magnificently strong; they are the pedestal fan but without the stand and some features as follows.

 Air-blowing Capacity

Floor fan is super powerful from all sizes. With 3 to 5 blades and a robust motor, the fan is ideal for space that needs a lot of air circulation.

Tilted Head

Floor fan usually doesn’t have an oscillating function. Instead, they made the head tilted so it can be adjusted up and down.

Due to the intense one-direction breeze, the fan is not good to locate too close to you. Instead, you should adjust the air direction up a bit or lay the fan a bit far from you to receive the comfortable breeze.

Fan’s Settings

Floor fan has basic settings, which are usually three levels of airflow and turn on/ off button. This is not a disadvantage since they simplify to focus on the fan’s capacity.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

This is the fan with the most extended blades. With such blades, a ceiling fan can cover an ample space in the room. However, you cannot expect a powerful airflow from it.

Also, people who use the ceiling fan also go with a decorating intention. Though it is not a strong fan, being a decoration, ceiling fan is the best fan to have.

Due to its feature, ceiling fan is appropriate to use in rooms from 220 – 280 square feet. Small rooms will not fit the fan, or if it is, it will look odd to have a too-big fan in such small room space. Ceiling fan is ideal to use in rooms that need comprehensive breeze coverage, such as the living room, the garage, classroom.

Ceiling fan is the oldest fan type among all, and this guy has these features:

Air-blowing Capacity

Though ceiling fan has the most extended blades among the fan types, it releases the breeze the weakest.

Because the fan sends the air directly down your head, in a straight column, (which is not good for you); hence, it is suitable for a large room with a high ceiling.


The device does not score in performance, but regarding the appearance, it does. Ceiling fan is one gorgeous device to enhance your room’s decoration.

With the growth of the market nowadays, ceiling fan is created in various forms that match different room styles. From vintage rooms to luxurious rooms with chic decoration, you can always find the ceiling fan that blends perfectly to your perspective.


Which one should we buy to cool the room: the air-conditioner or fan?

Air-conditioner vs Fan

Air-conditioners and fans are two different types of cooling devices. And as a result, they have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the purpose you use them.

The air conditioner significantly decreases the room temperature and releases the cold air. But in contrast, the air just doesn’t move.

Since it is a must to close all the windows and doors while the device is operating, many people find that it is uncomfortable, suffocating to stay in an all-closed room.

In contrast, the fan can move the air around the room, but the temperature remains the same. But using the fan is great when you can both be relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere from outdoor.

Furthermore, the air-conditioner is way more expensive than the fan.

For more information, you may want to check this post of AC vs. Fan.

How to last the fan’s age?

By taking good care of it, of course, but how is good defined? Well, good here means clean the device monthly or usually when there is dust on the mount.

The most important thing is that you must let them rest after hours of working. But what if you are at home all day and need the fan to be on work during that time, then you should have more than one fan to exchange working hours with each other.

These are simple ways of lasting the fan’s age.

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